Sri Aurobindo Ashram of Puducherry - 3D Picture Magnet

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A 3D picture magnet of the Main building of Sri Aurobindo Ashram of Pondicherry founded by the Indian Nationalist, Yogic Poet and Guru Sri Aurobindo with His Spiritual collaborator Mirra Alfassa ( referred to as The Mother).

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother lived here for most of Their lives and at the centre of the main building now lies Their sacred Samadhi.

A magnet souvenir for all those first-time visitors who want to treasure a memorable part of the Spiritual Heritage of Puducherry.

This picture magnet is also a part of our  Spiritual Heritage collection of Pondicherry.

Size:  9 x 12.9 cm
Weight:  40gm

**Handmade item. The dimension, weight, color and design may vary. Each piece is unique by its own aesthetic.