Tiger Mask - A DIY Art and Craft Kit for Children of Ages 7 & above

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Children love to wear masks and act out different characters. With this DIY kit, kids can enjoy making and don the mask of their favorite jungle friend - Tiger.

The kit contains
  • Handmade paper sheets with shapes printed for a Tiger's face
  • Black thread to tie the mask and
  • An instruction sheet.

Mask making can be done either at home or as part of Arts and Crafts in a class or in activity centres for children. Playlets can be written based on the characters and enacted wearing the masks.

For Ages 7 & above.

The kit can very well be used for younger children with the help of parents or teachers.

Approximate Size of the ready mask:  20.5 x 20 cm
Weight: 15gm

**Colours on the items may vary from the photo.
**Scissors and glue not included