The Path of Later On - A Short Film based on the story written by the Mother

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A short film for the children based on the the story written by the Mother when she was 12 as a class assignment while she was still in school. The film has black & white illustrations.

"A road is lined with many-coloured flowers with birds singing merrily in the trees; at a distance, a brilliant sun shines gold on the ripe corn. A young traveller, without a care for the future, is walking briskly along, joyously breathing in the pure morning air. He has forgotten his goal and takes the path available nearest to him. A voice forewarns him urging him not to take that road and points out that he is not on the right path. But the young traveller pays no heed and says, "Later on", and "In a Little while". Warning voices are again heard from far, "Where are you going? Poor fool, don't you see you are heading for your ruin?" "Later, later," he again responds, and the flowers smile at him and echo, "Later". Poor traveller! Little does he know where this path of "Later on", will lead him to..."

The story was originally written in French and later translated in English.

The DVD contains both French and English versions of the story. It can be used in classrooms or home to learn either English or French.

MP4 Full HD

Duration 16 mins each

For Ages 12 & above.

Size:   19 x 13.5 x 0.8 cm
Weight:   60gm