Walk the Luminous Path - Five Inspiring Stories based on the writings of the Mother

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Deep inside each child, there is an urge, be it conscious or yet unconscious, to move towards the noble, towards the beautiful, towards the light.

The world, as it is, often covers and overpowers this flame of aspiration.  We believe, that if a child is given an opportunity to blossom, in a conscious and nurturing environment, then this aspiration can flourish.  It is with this faith that we bring you these stories by Meera Guthi.

In a simple and imaginative way, they tell you about true friendship, overcoming one’s fears, the result of persevering in one’s efforts and the effect of thoughts on the atmosphere one creates around oneself.

Each story has several hand drawn illustrations by Mahua Mitra.

No. of pages – 56

For Ages 12+

ISBN: 978-8193522714

Size:  21 x 14 x 0.8 cm
Weight:  110gm